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Refund Policy is a dissertation writing service provider who has a record of satisfying almost all the customers approached. But, they have designed refund policy by keeping in mind the satisfaction of clients who wants to work with us. They have asked us for their help and we have fulfilled our promise by providing the best of all. But still, in-case you are not satisfied:

  • We will offer you multiple revisions till we reach your satisfaction level. Please note that this is only applicable if you demands remain the same as at the time of placing the order. We will neither revise nor refund in-case you make changes in your description.
  • In other case you may request for another writer, for which will not be charged anything. You can work with them from scratch or as per your requirement.
  • You can file refund, when you will not reach satisfaction by any of the options offered or if we are not able to meet deadline only because of our negligence. Refund should be filled during the given time.
  • In-case of errors regarding spelling, grammar, structure of sentences and report format style; you may file refund
  • In any of the acceptable cases, company is not liable to refund 100 % of the payment made. Amount of refund will be decided according to the nature of the reason of conflict.

We offer money back guarantee in case of plagiarism. We believe in providing plagiarism free dissertation but if you claim for plagiarism, you shall prove it. Please note we will only entertain plagiarism report from client's institution.

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